Adult Incontinence Pants

Leafline adult incontinent pants are designed to look like regular pants to suit the user’s needs, improving quality of life, dignity, and health

Cloth Nappies

Our Leafline children’s pants sizes are available from new born upwards
Designed to look like tiny pants, the product is washable and reusable. The inner linings are made from a natural pineapple fibre.

Chair and Bed Protectors

Chair and Bed Protectors are largely used by retirement homes to protect furniture. Both products are washable. These items can be packed neatly into the suitcase to avoid embarrassing situations when travelling.


Thank you for choosing a environmentally-friendly alternative.

All the Inners of our Leafline products are made from a natural Pineapple Leaf fibre, making them environmentally friendly, reusable and cost effective.

The Leafline product range includes: Sanitary Wear: Adult and Children’s nappies, Breast pads, Sanitary Towels, Chair and Bed Protectors.




Did you know?

It takes between 500-800 years for one nappy to decompose, creating major landfill issues. Choose the eco-friendly Leafline nappies and you won’t only help save the environment but its cost-effective too!

How We're Different

Affordable and biogradable sanitary products, nappies, chair and bed protectors made from natural fibre.

This washable, cost effective and environmentally friendly sanitary product range uses the inner part of the cayenne pineapple leaf. The range includes sanitary towels, adult and children’s nappies, breast pads, as well as chair and bed protectors. The leafline fibre absorbs moisture and odours and is easy to wash and dry.