About Us

Affordable and biogradable sanitary products, nappies, chair and bed protectors made from natural fibre.

Leafline started when we discovered a need for a more cost-effective way of dealing with adult incontinence.

  • Retired folk have a limited budget and cannot afford costly disposable nappies
  • Most of the disposable nappies end up on dumpsites and create bacterial problems and landfill concerns.

We then found an advertisement board showing different uses for pulp fibre and designed this to fit into the inner of the washable product.

  • The fibre was tested and found to be free from bacteria.
  • Leafline then went on to design chair and bed protectors using the fibre.

Candy Pants children’s nappies were then designed.

  • Children’s disposable nappies also add to landfill problems and cause bacterial products when not disposed of correctly.

Leafline Washable Sanitary Wear scooped first place in the SAB Foundation Disability Empowerment Awards 2020.

Leafline won the Gap Green award in 2018 awarded by the Innovation Hub

Leafline was awarded the Long Standing Partnership Certificate from The Women’s Relief Institute

Leafline won the Gold Award by ECO-LOGIC awards 2022

Did you know?

  • Once the average person begins to realise the harmful effects of the disposable nappy, they will then change their mind sets about using the product.
  • It takes between 500-800 years for one nappy to decompose, creating major landfill issues.
  • Disposable nappies for infants and adults are kept on for prolonged periods because of their cost. This may result in Urinary Tract Infections.
  • When disposable nappies are left exposed on the dumpsites, they cause bacteria to spread.
  • Animals often eat these exposed nappies
  • Disposable nappies end up in the rivers and oceans