Why Leafline ?

Leafline pineapple fibre is locally manufactured and farmed. It absorbs moisture smell and bacteria. It does not cause rashes or burn.

Our customers use our Leafline products instead of the disposable items because the disposable items cause irritations due to the gel inserts.

Ammonia builds up in the absorbent gel and will the heat of the body and the fact that the nappies are used for prolonged periods because they are “dry” causes serious bladder infections in both infants and adults.

Our Leafline fibre does not do this, and the elderly can use the product without any fear of infections. This has been tried and tested.

What kind of nappy is it?

All inners fit into the nappy. All elastic is covered.

Some children are light wetter’s, and some are heavy wetter’s with some on between so will a heavy wetter suit these nappies?

Leafline inners come in different sizes; in the case of a heavy” wetter”, I would rather use a larger inner than double up. 

How does the inner hold up when being squashed?

The inner will leak out if the product is kept on for too long. The fibre is quite thick inside the inners, a lot of moisture is absorbed, however any product that is wet and squashed will leak out.

Care of the nappy
  • Sluice item before washing.
  • Soaking the product in antibacterial solution before machine washing is recommended.
  • Machine wash separately.
  • Use good quality washing powder
    and a high temperature (note: the temperature for the inners could be 40 degrees..as long as they are sterile. The inners cannot exceed 60 degrees)
  • the use of fabric softener is not recommended.
  • Do not tumble dry; outdoor line drying recommended
  • Do not Iron
What happens if the nappies get an ammonia build up ?

Washable nappies should never have an ammonia build up. As soon as the nappy is wet it will need to be changed.  The ammonia build up should only occur in products that hold onto the moisture as in the gel absorbent nappy.

What bum creams are cloth nappies safe for these nappies ?

Any bum cream that does not contain chemicals will be safe to use on the nappy. I personally recommend Greenaways bum cream, it is excellent.

What is the best method for drying the product?

Outside line drying is recommended because the product is made from a natural fibre